Do What It Says!

Help and support

Application support

If you are having and problems using the app, then please contact us at

How do I play the game?

1) Divide into players and performers
2) The performers pick some decks from the main screen. You can choose as many as you like
3) The players now hold the phone up with the screen facing out. The performers have to do what it says on screen to make the players guess the word on the card
4) You get 10 questions, with 10 seconds per question. Hurry up!
5) After 10 quetions you'll see the results. You can save your favourite videos and apply filters
6) All saved videos appear within the "My videos" section of the app

How do add more decks?

You can purchase more decks by tapping on the "Buy more" tab from the homescreen

I can't see the decks that I have purchased

All purchased decks are moved into the "My Decks" area of the app. If you still can't see them then try restoring purchases by going into settings>restore purchases.
If you're still stuck, then email us at

Will you be adding more decks?

Absolutely. Let us know if you have any ideas that you'd really like to see